System description


Forester HD surveillance camera set

The PTU rotating head with advanced mechanical parameters allow to precisely and reliably control the camera module. Our device is characterized by an unparalleled accuracy of positioning in the market is 0.006 degree, which permits a significant increase in the accuracy of locating smoke occurrences as compared to standard devices working with the accuracy of approximately 1 degree. High flexibility of the device facilitates observation with the minimum angular velocity below 0.006 degrees per second, which permits the use of very large focal length video camera lenses.

In turn, the maximum velocity of 100 degrees per second allows instant moving to the desired position.

Rotating heads are configured and controlled through IP transmission, simplifying the integration with video systems.

Forester sets are fitted with Sony HD camera modules as a standard, integrated with high-quality lenses with x10 or x20 zooms. The video cameras used in the system allow fire surveillance of areas with a radius up to 20km (in appropriate weather conditions and air transparency). The cameras used in our sets have integrated IP video servers that may obtain images in many encoding standards, including the high-performance H.264 encoding or - the one that guarantees very high picture quality - MJPEG format.

The sets may be also equipped with other camera modules adjusted to customer's needs, starting from high-sensitivity SD video cameras,
through camera modules with a resolution of 5 MP! (megapixels)