The video surveillance system FORESTER is intended as fire protection systems of forest areas.


The video surveillance system FORESTER is intended for monitoring open and forest areas, water reservoirs and border regions for detection of threats and events.

The main field of application are fire protection systems of forest areas, however, it may also be used for monitoring the safety of users of water reservoirs as well as for providing surveillance of extensive enclosed areas against trespassing by unauthorised people (e.g. military bases, airports, national borders).
As the first company in Poland, we offer proprietary software for computer video signal analysis for smoke detection - Forester VMS Detector. Among other applications available on the market, our system is unique in the number of implemented projects and the effectiveness confirmed in practice.

Some of the fire alerts initiated by our system are presented in our pages.


Forester HD surveillance camera set
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The set of software components to run and to control the system
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Smoke Detector

The innovative smoke detection video analytics
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CC Equipment

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