System description


Operator stations with Forester VMS Controller, VMS Player, VMS Detektor Client software

Video monitoring and surveillance is supported by a series of computer programs included in the Forester software package.

Forester Controller is a module responsible for camera set control Allows both manual operation - head movement commands are sent using a specialized 3d controller - and automatic mode, in which the heads follow pre-programmed automatic monitoring routes or are positioned at predefined surveillance points.

Forester Player is a module responsible for the reception of video transmission and its presentation to the operator It supports the display of HD resolution image on large-format LED/LCD screens. The software also features the display of additional information to the operator, such as: current monitoring direction, proper names of the monitored areas, objects and localities (to simplify orientation in the area), monitoring route names and presets.

Forester Client is software for the management of alerts generated by smoke detection systems Forester Detektor The software collects alert-related data, displays it in a user-friendly form and allows supplementing the alert information with additional data necessary for the fire-fighting action. The program is equipped with its independent GIS system (digital map system) used for visual representation on map backgrounds of the bearings provided by the Forester camera sets and, thus facilitating fire location within the monitored area.