System description

Smoke Detector

The analysis modules with Forester Detector smoke detection software
As the first company in Poland we have developed completely unique software solutions for video analysis aimed at smoke detection. The software runs on specialized computer units equipped with DSP signal processors or -
in the case of less demanding applications - Embedded standard devices. The use of an automatic image analysis system allows the implementation of new solutions in the organization of fire detection systems and PAD operation through connecting a single PAD to a few or a dozen or so camera locations. Such a system, by supporting automatic analysis, may be supervised by a single operator for each 6-8 cameras, which translates into significant cost savings.
The Forester analysis system is highly effective and resistant to false alarms due to the innovative solutions used, such as: flexible detection area definition, changeable configuration schedules for image analyzing filters, automatic horizon line detection, locking interfering areas (e.g. smoke from chimneys). Current algorithm effectiveness exceeds 80% (depending on the smoke area size and distance)

The FORESTER detection system algorithm detects smoke images smaller than 0.2% of the size of the analyzed image!

Thanks to the high sensitivity of our cameras and the power of the FORESTER detection algorithm, we are able to detect the wildfire smoke of the minimum size even after the sunset !!!

And the last but not least - smoke detection is provided during camera movement - no stops for differential analysis are needed.